Hosting a Slumber Party – Five Activities that Never Fails

Slumber parties are a hit between tween girls. It is one of the best way to bond with your best girl friends and know each other better. Hosting a slumber party may put some pressure on you as it can make or break a girl’s reputation not only among friends but also in school. So here are some great slumber party ideas that will ensure that your guests are busy having fun:

DIY meals

Eating food is a great way to bond – and you know what seals the deal? Preparing the food together. Make your own pizzas or tacos or ice cream sundae. Provide a variety of ingredients that they can use so that you are sure you’re feeding them something they like and there will be no complaints the next day.

Chick flick festival

Gather the girls around the living room or set up a TV or projector in the bedroom so you can huddle together and watch your favorite movies. When you watch movies online on putlocker your girls will be kept busy for a number of hours so you do not have to worry about any dull moments. Make sure you provide some snacks and refreshments!

Spa night

Girls love being girly together and what can be more girlier than giving your friends a spa night? Do each other’s nails, place on some face masks, or style each other’s hair. This will surely be a night everyone will enjoy.

Truth or dare

This is a favorite among teens and a way to know each other’s secrets and have fun as well. Have your friend give her long-time crush a prank call or ask them something you’ve been dying to know but was too shy to ask casually.

Make a documentary

Tell the girls you are filming the whole thing and they will surely be more enthusiastic. Make sure you do not miss out on the bloopers and the funny parts. You and your girls will definitely have fun watching the video right after.